COVID-19 is a pandemic that has hit the world hard since the first case was confirmed in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. This has since affected businesses both onsite and online. COVID-19 has caused a total lockdown or partial curfew in many countries around the world. Hence, pushing people to stay indoors behind their screens for information, entertainment, and more. Moreover, the impact of this pandemic on the mobile app market has been enormous. 

This article will cover the different categories of apps and install trends from December 2019 onwards; through the Coronavirus period. 

Social Media App Trends 

Social media has experienced a massive presence since COVID-19. Different apps have experienced a boost in downloads, and as a result, gathering a lot of new users. 

WhatsApp has recorded the highest increase in usage, and that’s by 51% amongst all messaging platforms. 

On a combined report, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have experienced around 23% increase in downloads since January 2020. Snapchat has seen a 49% increase in new app installs, TikTok is at around 32%, and Instagram over 45%. These statistics imply that several people have resorted to getting more social online, in response to the necessary social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions. 

Apps For Entertainment 

There is a restriction in movement and lots of people want to be entertained. They have, therefore, resulted in music and video apps to achieve this. Based on this decision, Youtube has been the highest gainer among video streaming apps, while Pandora gets the crown among the music streaming apps.  

However, videos streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Tubi TV, and Pluto TV have a combined increase of viewership of 35% since January 2020. Other music apps like Drum Pad, Groovepad, Musi, and Young Radio have gained up to 100% new installs since January. Spotify also worked around its podcast session for more people to use. 

The overall fact is that lots of people love entertainment but have to settle for it in the corners of their homes and screens. Meaning, in fact, that COVID-19 has somewhat boosted entertainment apps. 

Mobile Gaming Apps 

There has been an increase in mobile gaming apps too since the pandemic started. This makes sense as mobile games can also help keep one sane during lockdown periods. Mobile gaming apps are a positive distraction from the panic stress of COVID-19, and this has led some mobile games to climb higher in app store rankings. 

Games like Candy Crush, FoxNext, Coin Master, Subway Surfers, and Peak Games have experienced a combined increase of around 95% in new installs since January 2020. 

Many mobile app developers have made accessibility to their game apps free. This is because many people will settle for free apps rather than paid ones; which also helps the ranking of the game. 

Delivery Apps 

Despite the fact that people still needed to go stores to stock up on essentials, there was still a massive need for food and other item deliveries. This has increased the use of delivery apps, especially in the USA, like Shipt, Instacart, and Drizly. These three delivery apps recorded over 166% increase in new installs. 

Other delivery apps like Postmates, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats have also seen a massive boost in new installs and usage. 

This is to show how COVID-19 has made online and logistics companies grow. It can also be seen as a significant device to help the masses survive from food drought. 

Telecommuting Apps 

The idea of working from home has been a new concept for many employers, especially those who would usually make on-site work compulsory. Apps like Zoom, Skype for Business,, and GoToMeeting have not only helped such companies stay afloat but also a high growth for such apps. All five apps (jointly) boast of new installs of up to 2000% increase since January 2020. However, Zoom has experienced the highest boom due to its influence on the media all over the world. 


The app market has arguably benefited the most during COVID-19. As much as people need to maintain social distance or stay indoors due to total lockdown, the app market will continue to experience an immense rise in downloads and usage.  

Many app developers are also working around the clock to ensure that apps go through necessary updates and upgrades, and build new ones that will keep to interest and attract new users.  

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