An increasing number of mobile phone users means that there’s also been an impressive surge in the number of apps available on the market. With such fierce competition out there, you need to ensure that your app is keeping up with (or surpassing) the competition. 

To help you stay one step ahead, find out how to compare your apps with competitors on Catappult.

A How-to Guide for Comparing your Apps

Sizing up your app’s competition could not be simpler. On your Catappult Console, just select Insights. There you can:

  1. Compare ratings, downloads, and app version across multiple stores.
  2. Add up to four apps to compare.
    • Just click Add App on the right and you can search for the package name you wish to add or use one of the suggestions.
  3. Check your app history.
    • Click on App History below App Comparison on the left column.

These tips and tricks will keep you up-to-date so you can slay the competition! Check them out now!

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