Android Studio is an integrated app development environment that every Android indie app developer should know about! With IDE, app developers can, without hassle, create efficient and attractive apps for tablets, smartphones, and more.  

Android Studio is user-friendly and offers exciting add-ons. Peradventure you are already leveraging Android Studio, you might have been missing out on some functionality. So, here are seven tips and tricks to build rich and attractive applications via the Android Studio. 

1. Expedite Your Work With Postfix Code Completion 

You can speed up your work rate by leveraging postfix code completion. You can also utilize the Live Templates functionality in the Android Studio to quickly put together a significant amount of code, without wasting time typing. Postfix Code Completion enables you to change an expression you already typed into other ones. With a “CTRL-J” or “CMD-J” peradventure you’re on Mac, you can preview all likely postfixes for a particular context. If you need to embed pre-fixed templates in the code you are writing, you can utilize Android Live Templates to use shortcuts capable of making that happen. 

2. Switch To The Distraction Free Mode 

The only disadvantage to the exciting features and user-friendly interface in Android Studio is that you may become distracted and waste time when you have a load of work at hand. If you are becoming overwhelmed, just enter the “View>Enter Distraction Free Mode.” It will lead you to the fullscreen editor. That way, you can focus only on coding and nothing else!

3. Leverage The Embedded Feature Search 

The fact that you can access various functionalities without crowding the UI is another exciting thing about Android Studio. As you adjust to the IDEs, you will come across different menus to discover the exact feature you need. And when you can’t recall where you located a specific feature initially, Android Studio has what you need – a fast functionality search option. You only need to tap “CTRL+SHIFT+A” or “Cmd+SHIFT+A” if you are on Mac, then say hello to the feature search box. That will enable you to discover any feature you require. 

4. Flag Anti-Patterns in Code With Structural Search Inspection 

It is possible to find and substitute code patterns without utilizing the usual expressions by using the structural search and replace. Enabling Structural Search Inspection saves a structural search template that displays a code that looks like a pattern warning. This option can be utilized to flag any anti-pattern code when you are coding. Not only that, but you can also collect Structural Replace Templates to ensure the flagged patterns as warnings come with replacement code that you can use as a substitute. 

This provides you with a quick solution form that you can use to streamline your coding with the code review procedures. 

5. Expedite By Working Offline 

In case you want to see your Android Studio function faster, you can speed it up by working offline. You can also activate offline work mode by navigating to “File>Settings>Gradle.” From there, you check “offline work” beneath the Global Gradle setting. 

Return to “File>Settings>Compiler,” then type offline inside the command-line options box. 

Then restart Android Studio, and now you can work offline while you speed up your workspace. 

6. Work Smart With Split Screens 

Working with split screens is the latest trend, but any experienced mobile app developer knows that split screens are more efficient. In case you don’t know yet, you can split-screen while working within the Android Studio.

How do you go about this? Simple, right-click on the main screen; then, select “split horizontally or vertically” to pick the split-screen that suits your requirement. You can also visit “Preferences > keymap” to create a shortcut for split screening.  

7. Read The Productivity Guide 

You can learn several other tips and tricks independently by going through the Productivity Guide. Visit “Help> Productivity Guide” and a whole lot of functions. You can discover a new feature to enable you to streamline your application development process. 

You can, without any hassle, understand how the Android Studio IDE works. But if you apply these tricks and tips, you can up your Android app development skills! These tips will enable you to navigate new features and create opportunities that can make your Android app development experience faster, more fun, and smoother. 

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