There is thousands of types of payments across the world. At Catappult the goal is always to stay on top of new updates and ways to reach new users. From credit or debit to Paypal, digital currencies, and many more, there are countless methods to make in-app purchases. And in order to reach and better appeal to local users, Codapay is one of the best options.

What is Codapay?

Codapay is an online aggregator of a wide range of local payment methods. This allows users to “top up” their profile with alternative billing options. 

According to a study done by Codapay, 80% of people living in emerging markets don’t have access to credit cards. This means that people who don’t normally (or can’t) pay with credit cards or even Paypal, can use other types of payments. 

With that said, Codapay has turned that opportunity into a true business, with a great reputation among gamers. At the moment, they have millions of players that rely on their system every month in order to make in-app purchases. They accept more than 100 different payment methods in emerging markets around the world, allowing brands to reach more people and generate more revenue. They also offer several advantages, such as promotion credits for users to spend on their favorite games. 

So, what’s the difference between Codapay and a local payment channel?

Codapay does not have their own payment channel. They just provide a method of establishing a single commercial feature that connects a large number of local payment channels. These local payment channels are built and operated by other companies.

Why Codapay and not any other global payment method?

As previously stated, some users don’t have access to global payment methods. Therefore, in order to accept a full range of locally popular payments, Coda is one of the best commercial options. They are an aggregator of a wide range of alternative local payment methods. With direct connections to local billing systems, they are a great solution for some countries where typical payments aren’t available.

But how can I charge my profile? 

You can charge your Codapay account with carrier billing, bank transfer, through a convenience store, voucher, or even e-wallet payment channels. After choosing your preferred method, you can now start using the budget in-game to buy your favorite packs, gems, skins, or whatever you wish. 

And you don’t even need a local legal entity or bank account to work with Codapay!

What games already are already using Codapay?

Codapay is present in some of the most popular games across the world such as Mobile Legends, MineCraft, Candy Crush, Saint Seiya, Rise of Empires, Legacy of Discord, Heroes Evolved and much more.

So, what is Catappult and why Codapay?

Catapult is a platform that allows developers to integrate their Android apps to multiple app stores, with zero integration effort and for free! With the possibility to reach more than 320 million users across the globe, the Catappult team has integrated this method as a way to offer local payments in games and apps. 

Because in today’s world connectedness is the most important thing… And Codapay allows people to find ways to use local payments inside their favorite games!

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