The mobile technology is undeniably one of the best things that ever happen in the computer age. It has come to us in many different forms since its emergence, but online advertisement and mobile apps are two major strongholds. 

In order to discuss mobile advertisement today, it is impossible to state any words correctly without mentioning the impacts of the big giants: Google and Facebook. But let’s not forget some Chinese companies coming fast behind, like TikTok. No matter the firm or company involved, some key activities or trends that have been evident in the last few years with mobile advertisement include the following: 

  • Increase in the use of smartphones: it is a no brainer that there has been a great increase and evolution of smartphone users in the world. As at the end of the last quarter of 2019, reports show that there are over 3 billion smartphone users. And by 2021, studies state that more than half of the world population will have a smartphone. 
  • In these last few years, there has also been an increase in the time that users use mobile devices. And interestingly, a lot of this time is used on apps.
  • Highly effective mobile-first ad creatives: ad creatives that put primary focus on mobile have also been evident in the last years. Video ads with interactive ad cards and native ads with rich media are being used. The emergence of smartphone users is a reason for this, but the unique possibility that mobile presents is another. 
  • Using mobile as a down-funnel marketing funnel: the huge amount of people that use their mobile phone and have it with them all times of the day has helped to shape advertisements. However, using the mobile in funnel marketing hasn’t seen much profits, until recently. The emergence of cost per action has made it possible. 
  • With these, improved attribution that tracked behaviors and actions across devices and touchpoints have been recorded and used in funnel marketing. 
  • Evolution of mobile app monetization: there are over 4 million apps in Android and iOS combined. With this number, it is evident that mobile apps are going nowhere anytime soon. App developers and publishers know this, and they are using it to their advantage. 
  • In-app advertisement without losing users’ engagement has been evolving, and there is no sign of backing down anytime soon. 

Mobile Advertisement in 2020 

These trends continue to show presence in the coming year, and there are other new ones. The question on the minds of many marketers and advertisers is what 2020 holds in the mobile advertisement. The way brands categorize their in-app advertisement will definitely change, and only the right mechanism that delivers the right performance will survive. 

With all these being discussed, one can wonder, what else is there to expect? Find out below: 

  • China will grow and continue to challenge: it is no news that the US has the top market in the mobile advertisement, and especially programmatically. However, it will be unwise to look at China’s growth. In the last year, China has shown that they are a force to reckon with, and that is not going away anytime soon. Find out about third-party app stores dominating the Chinese market here.
  • Continual investment in mobile-first creative experience: in the coming year, one thing is evident – change. Humans are always looking for ways to improve and enhance processes, and mobile advertisement is no exception. Videos instead of banners and full-screen interstitials are some of the changes that will be evident. 
  • The dominance of rewarded ads: some marketers have already started using rewarded video ads, but there is strong evidence that more marketers will look to this for help. While just about any type of ads is considered intrusive and annoying, the rewarded videos are seen as value. Users get a reward for video ads, and publishers, and advertisers get their video ads in front of the right audience.
    The Catappult model for user acquisition campaign is also based on rewarding users. In this case, they get a reward for spending two minutes in an advertised app, and such reward is paid in a currency called AppCoins Credits, which can only be spent in in-app purchases.
  • Evolving in-app advertisement: opportunities in mobile advertisements are arising, and innovation and technology are advancing at a very high speed. Users spend more time on apps on their mobile devices. As such, it becomes necessary for advertisers to find innovative ways to incorporate in-app advertisement. It would be no surprise to follow techniques that we’ve seen in other products like movies and series. Will we see Super Mario drinking a can of Coca-Cola? 

It is an exciting time! The mobile advertising industry is a complex but interesting one. Technologies and innovations are always arising. While the trends mentioned above are likely to occur, there are high chances that new ones will emerge. And the presence of 5G is only a part of these trends. 

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