A Catappult Case Study on how the platform helped Lords Mobile increase their revenue and user base

IGG’s real-time strategy multiplayer game, Lords Mobile, boasts of more than 270 million gamers worldwide. It even won Google Play’s “Most Competitive Games” and “Android Excellence Game” awards!

The big question was then, “how can Catappult further augment the success of a million-dollar revenue mobile game?

How Catappult increased Lords Mobile’s user base

One of the key value propositions that Catappult had to offer was to increase the user base by reaching and targeting millions of new users across the globe. Lords Mobile has many spending players, but now the goal was to expand the number of players to other and newer markets.

Catappult helped boost Lords Mobile’s visibility by funneling the game through its distribution channels by using key highlighting tools. These tools include the following:

  • Editor’s Choice, which is when the game appears at the top of the app store home screen;
  • Game of the Week, which is a detailed editorial review of the game (available in all languages);
  • Included and highlighted in a Thematic Bundle, which are seasonal and give visibility to specific games;
  • User Acquisition Campaigns, from which users can install the game directly;
  • Search Priority, which makes the game show at the top of the list when searching for similar games;
  • Push Notifications, which target notifications to users based on their profiles, likes, download history, and so on.

Millions in revenue 

Catappult’s AppCoins billing solution made it exceptionally easy for IGG to start monetizing Lords Mobile across various app stores. Catappult is a one-stop-shop in more ways than one, as it only requires a single integration of the game to start distributing in various app stores. The platforms also allows for developers to manage various channels and accumulate revenue in a single (AppCoins) wallet.

Since joining the Catappult platform, Lords Mobile has enjoyed an increase in revenue and a total of 6 million downloads! 

“Lords Mobile is a success story for IGG and the Catappult team have helped us take this game to a wider audience across the globe and enhance our revenues”

~ IGG Team

Growing in quality players without compromising revenue

Distributing in alternative app stores is something Catappult prides in. This was proven successful, once again, with Lords Mobile.

Moreover, Catappult’s efforts did not compromise IGG’s revenues from Google Play. In fact, it was able to give millions of more revenue to the game, as well as new quality users (a.k.a strategy game aficionados) who were willing and looking to spend in Lords Mobile.

To see the full Case Study, head over to the official Catappult website.
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