Your app is finally ready and, after all the hard work and probably many sleepless nights, it’s time to start collecting the rewards. The first step? Distributing it! Learn how to submit apps to the Catappult console.

By using the platform to distribute and monetize your app — free of charge —, you can reach more than 320 million users around the world through multiple third-party app stores. Especially those in emerging markets where individuals may have a mobile phone, but not have access to a credit card or PayPal account. 

This is possible thanks to AppCoins; an open protocol based on blockchain technology that unlocked the world of in-app purchases to billions of users. AppCoins’ virtual currency, AppCoins Credits, can be earned by users from anywhere in the world and used to make further in-app purchases inside the AppCoins ecosystem — which translates into more profit for the app developer! 

With all that in mind, here’s everything you need to do in order to upload your apps and confirm your ownership on Catappult. Are you ready to have your apps take the world by storm? Just follow these steps: 

1. Submitting apps

If you already have a Catappult account, log in. Then, find the button ‘ADD APP’ in the left-hand-side menu. If you don’t have a Catappult account, sign up to create one and submit your first app. 

You’ll then be asked for your Google Play link. If your app is already being distributed in Google Play, just insert the link and we’ll take care of everything. That’s right, we’ll fetch screenshots, app description and even the integration of the AppCoins billing system is on our side! 

If your app is not being distributed in Google Play, choose that option nd then proceed to submit your app manually. You’ll have to upload all files (APK and obb or splits) and provide all information, such as category, app description or package name, manually. 

2. Confirming app ownership 

For your safety, we have a process that confirms that you are the owner of the app you are publishing. This avoids third parties from distributing your game or benefiting from your apps without your consent. 

If your app is being distributed in Google Play with the same email address you’ve created (and confirmed) your account in Catappult we understand that you are the owner since you have access to such email account, so ownership will be automatically confirmed! 

If the email address of the app in Google Play and your Catappult account are not the same, we’ll send an email with a confirmation link to the address registered for the app in Google Play. Just click on it to confirm ownership and you’re done! 

In case none of the above-mentioned options suits you, you can confirm the signature is yours by signing a blank APK with the same unique signature as your app’s APK. Just choose that option and follow the steps; it’s pretty straightforward! 

To do so, you’ll have to download a dummy APK, sign it, and upload it again. Make sure you use the same signature as in the app you are certifying. 

3. Waiting for approval

It usually takes a few days for new apps to be reviewed and tested by the Catapput Team. We’ll notify you on the Catappult Developers Console when your app is being distributed. 

For a video guide on how to sign your blank APK and manually confirm the ownership of your app, watch this video:

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