There is a way you can optimize the distribution of your Android apps, with the plus side of having access to billions of users around the world and not to have to hassle with complex migrations. Introducing Catappult, the world’s first Blockchain app distribution solution.

What is Catappult? 

Developers often struggle to distribute and monetize their apps and games and many of them use one single channel to do so; leaving behind the potential to reach billions of users in different countries and markets. 

As the world’s first Blockchain App Distribution console, Catappult was created with an ambitious goal in mind: to become a one-stop-shop for all Android developers. 

By joining Catappult, developers have access to a safe and secure quality platform where they can efficiently manage and distribute their apps to multiple app stores around the world without time-consuming one-to-one integrations.  

When was Catappult created? 

It all started in 2017 when Aptoidethe app store which had just released the AppCoins Protocol—created the Blockchain Distribution Services (BDS). This platform soon became the backbone for decentralized worldwide transactions and helped connect developers with multiple app stores and millions of users. 

However, BDS’ focus relied mostly on the distribution of apps. We then realized that developers wanted more. The new goals targeted helping developers by being directly engaged with the creation process of their apps. Hence why the product was rebranded as Catappult by the end of 2018. 

Since then, Catappult has changed the app industry by becoming a platform that’s aligned with the interests of developers, app stores, and users. 

Why migrate to Catappult? 

It’s often really difficult for developers to engage with various channels and app stores around the world, due to the different rules and technologies of each. We felt developers were in need of an alternative way to enter different markets and reach more diverse economical profiles; which is possible with Catappult.

By migrating with Catappult, developers can reach hundreds of millions of users in top Android app stores, with a single APK, and a single account. Here are all the perks Catappult has to offer:

  • Revenue share 
    Developers receive 75% of all in-app purchases (IAPs). Developers can withdraw funds via their wallet section in the Catappult console.
  • Minimal effort  
    One APK, multiple stores, and a single wallet. Meaning, developers would build one single APK to distribute in multiple channels and collect the payouts in a single AppCoins Wallet
  • Integrated payment processing 
    There is no need for developers to have their own payment processing and SKU management infrastructure, Catappult takes care of that. This payment flow is managed by Catappult’s infrastructure, which allows users to verify every payment whenever they want. 
  • Acquisition channels
    All acquisition channel sources and information are kept using Blockchain; which is safe, transparent, and scalable.

How to migrate to Catappult 

To save developers the extra effort of applying and integrating their apps and games into Catappult, we have created an automated migration tool called the APK Migrator. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your Catappult account here.

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