You have distributed your app through Catappult and you’re already reaching millions. What now?

User Acquisition Campaigns are a great way to target and reach specific audiences, markets and countries to help spread the word about your amazing mobile app.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a campaign started on Catappult:

1) Choose an app

Inside the Catappult portal, click on ‘User Acquisition’. Then ‘Select App’ and create a ‘Campaign Name’, then click on ‘Next’;

2) Define budget and dates

You will now be in ‘Step 2 of 2’, which is where you enter your ‘Total Budget’, as well as your start/end date for the campaign.

  • You can select different budgets and start/end dates for different countries. The default categories are ‘Top Developed Countries’, ‘Top Emerging Countries’ and ‘Other Countries’ but you can tweak each option to the countries you specifically want to target.
  • You can also deselect a group and remove it from your campaign. Please note that the total amount of conversions that a campaign can reach depends on the total budget and the cost per conversion.
  • If you don’t have enough funds to create the campaign, you can always make a top-up.

3) Paying for the campaign

After you have defined your budget and dates, a pop-up window will appear where you choose how you want to pay your selected campaign(s). It gives you two options; AppCoins and AppCoins Credits. Then all you have left to do is launch your campaign(s)!

For a more visual guide about all the above, watch this video:

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