Catappult is a safe and secure quality platform that offers Android developers the possibility to distribute apps in multiple third-party app stores, using a single APK and account. Learn how to sign up here:

How to Sign Up to Catappult:

Signing up to Catappult is very easy. All you need to do is:

1) Go to Catappult’s website and click on the ‘Sign Up‘ button;

2) Choose the type of account that better suits your needs:

  • A developer account allows Android mobile app developers to upload apps, manage and monetize them, as well as acquire more users through advertising campaigns.
  • An app store account can be used by app stores, OEMs or other apps distribution platforms that want to connect with Catappult, get content for distribution and benefit from the revenue share of advertising campaigns and in-app purchases;

3) Fill up the information asked. This includes an email, a developer or company name, and your full address.

4) You can also sign up to Catappult using your accounts on Unity, Facebook or Google.

It only takes a few minutes to begin reaching millions of users and to get a better revenue share with minimum effort. Join Catappult today!

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