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An interview with Catappult Founder, Álvaro Pinto

Since its creation in 2019, Catappult‘s aim has been to change the app industry by creating a platform aligned with the interests of Android developers, mobile app stores and users.

Currently, there are more than 22K Android developers engaged with the platform, along with 82K integrated apps, including big games such as Lords MobileLegacy of Discord, Era of Celestials, and Cut the Rope, among others.

Álvaro Pinto, Co-Founder of Catappult, is confident about Catappult’s future and assures the team is working very hard to make the platform a universal solution.

During this interview, he explains why:

1) What were the goals when Catappult was created?

“Developers are struggling to distribute and monetize their apps and games. What happens is that, currently, most Android developers are using one single channel to do so. Whilst the potential of billions of people around the world using Android is huge, relying on a single channel is not a strategy that covers every country and market.

“What we discovered with Catappult is that it’s really difficult for Android developers to engage with many channels and app stores around the world, due to the different rules and technologies of each. They need an alternative to enter different markets and reach more diverse economical profiles.

“We found a gap in the market and created a single solution that solves this and many other issues by introducing Catappult — a platform where Android developers only have to integrate the technology once to be able to distribute and monetize their product anywhere they want, without having concerns about transparency.”

Our goal is to help mobile app developers boost their reach in terms of users and monetization

Álvaro Pinto, Co-Founder of Catappult

2) How far has Catappult come, since it was launched?

“Now that we have a very solid product, with a good feature set, we have started getting developers on board directly from our website, as well as from Unity – one of the partners we are working with. Unity developers can integrate with Catappult in a very easy way, and start distributing across the world and across different app stores.”

3) Right now, what are Catappult’s main goals?

“We feel really aligned with the Android developers and are working non-stop to help them get the results they want. Our goal is to boost their reach in terms of users and monetization.”

4) And how are you planning to do that?

“We’ve been attending several events for developers across the world, to create even more awareness about Catappult and it’s benefits.

“Our team has developed a solution that is unique in the market, which allows developers to create their account and integrate with Catappult in a very intuitive way and with almost zero effort.”

We need something that works for both sides, including the final user. We need a win-win platformthat’s why we built Catappult.

Álvaro Pinto, Co-Founder of Catappult

5) How can Catappult change the way the industry works right now?

“We decided we wanted to create a universal solution, where users are not relying on a single entity or company – something that is open to anyone who wants to join, and something that is a standard for the industry.

“What currently exists in the market is a single company with interests that are not aligned with the interests of developers and app stores. We need something that works for both sides, including the final user. We need a win-win platform and that’s why we built Catappult.”

6) What can developers wait from Catappult in the next couple of years?

“We really want to be aligned with Android developers and make sure they reach the maximum user base possible, with the minimum effort both on the technical and financial side. We want them to reach millions of users across the globe and make more revenue than they have today.

“Our goal is to unite all these multiple alternative stores in a single solution that is very convenient for developers, making sure that everything is open, transparent and not owned by one single entity. We don’t want to own, control or replace what Google is doing in the market. We want something that is fair for everybody.”

7) Is the industry already reacting to Catappult?

“The feedback we have is very positive. Developers, and even some channels we are talking with, are really excited about the concept. Of course, they want to see results, that’s natural. We are determined to transform the world of app distribution.”

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