Although the number of mobile phone users continues to increase at a staggering rate, so does the number of apps available in the Android market. For Android app developers, this means that the competition keeps getting fiercer by the minute. As such, it is not only necessary to create an incredibly useful and/or entertaining app but to create one that works perfectly.

To help developers stay ahead of the game, we’ve narrowed down the five essential tools every developer needs to know before launching their apps. 

Android Studio 

If you haven’t come across this tool yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Android Studio is Android’s official integrated development environment that includes an array of fast and practical tools to help you build the most useful Android apps. From an intelligent code editor to useful code templates, to an APK analyzer, and more, Android Studio is one of the best IDE’s out there. The best part, it’s quick, effective, and free to download! 

Charles Proxy 

Want to know how your app responds before releasing it into the world? Use Charles Proxy! This tool establishes the bridge between your app and the internet. The best thing about using Charles is that it allows you to test networking requests and responses, and make alterations midstream to see how your app reacts. The installation process is relatively simple and definitely worth it. 

GameMaker Studio 2 

Having an incredible idea for a game and not being able to build it for lack of skills or budget can be extremely frustrating. That’s where GameMaker Studio 2 can come in handy. With an intuitive drag-and-drop system, this platform allows you to quickly start developing a 2D mobile game without necessarily needing to write code. That’s what I call a helpful tool!  

It provides anyone with the necessary resources to create beautiful games with stunning visual effects, and it even includes video tutorials and other information to help out. If you’re still having doubts, they offer a one-day free trial, give it a try! 


Bug reporting, in-app surveys, and in-app feedback are just a few of the services Instabug provides its users regarding their apps. Meant for mobile teams, this tool is used by some of the biggest companies out there, including Samsung, Yahoo, PayPal, BuzzFeed, and many more. 

This tool evaluates and provides constant information regarding an app’s entire life cycle allowing teams to improve the quality and stability of their apps continually. You can begin with the free trial and eventually move on to a more custom-priced payment plan. 

Unity 3D 

Unity 3D is a real-time game development platform that allows developers to create incredibly intrinsic, and engaging 3D and 2D games. It is known for supplying developers with the best cutting edge technology and live-ops services. If you’re looking to create big game developments, this is the tool for you! 

Although there are many more, these are the five essential tools every Android developer should know about – at least in our books! Have you ever tried any of them? Let us know in the comments below! 

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