Whether you are a novice Android Developer aiming to be better in your craft or an expert trying to expand your network and learn something new, following different channels of Android development related content is very important – to get that fresh platform news, talks and examples that might take you one step ahead of the competition! 

This is a compilation of what I think are the main sources to keep an Android Developer on track of what’s going on in the Android Development world. 

Daily News Feed 

The first thing you do when you sit on your development throne while drinking a cup of coffee is to scroll the two most important sources of fresh content in the community: Reddit and Twitter. Specifically talking about r/androiddev and a twitter account following Android developer experts.  

R/androiddev is very good to find out about updates in popular libs or android tools like Android Studio, Android learning courses, new trends in architecture patterns or even taking a role in the eternal war between MVP vs MVI vs MVVM. Sometimes you even have AMA’s from the Android source-code team! 

Twitter, when focused on a specific category, can provide really good tweet recommendations (and on a daily basis). Recommendations that I often find have me not only reading the main tweet but also similar content tweets. This is the reason why I have a big list of experts that I follow; a way I can keep myself updated with blog posts people are writing and even be a part of the network and ask something directly to the top engineers of my field. At the end of this article, you can find a list of people that are active on Twitter. Share yours! 


When I’m looking for a bigger read, whether it is a deep dive of an Android platform component or something lighter like general Android-related news, there are certain blogs that I follow that fill this void for me, including: 

  • Android Developers 
    For news on the Android platform, new releases, or even subjects like Android security, App Bundles. 
  • Android Authority 
    For news on device brands, apps, and the platform in general. It even has an Android development section! 
  • Android Hive 
    For tips and tricks, tutorials and even code examples. 
  • CommonsWare 
    A very technical but highly rewarding read about very specific problems that Android developers might face during app development. Here you will find many warnings, do’s and don’ts and also solutions to not so popular problems. 
  • Bloggers 
    Jake Wharton, Dan Lew, and Antonio Leiva are blogs from experts that I follow and often enjoy the reads they produce. @JakeWharton, @danlew42 are top Android engineers with many years of development & talks experience and if you really want to learn from them and their opinions, their blogs are a good start. 


During walks, exercise, or even house chores, your eyes are busy. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn Android! Podcasts here are my weapon of choice. These two are the most popular choices, which also happen to be the ones I personally follow: 

Fragmented Podcast– hosted by @donnfelker and @kaushikgopal talks and interviews about building good software and becoming better Android developers. 

Android Backstage– hosted directly by the Android Engineering team at Google with in-depth discussions and interviews with Android experts.  @chethaase and @romainguy are the hosts. 

Wrapping up 

Bottom line, there are many ways to get the latest Android news. Whether from social media, blogs, and sites or podcasts, there’s a platform for you. Which are your go-to channels for all things Android? Let us know in the comments! 

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