In a world where social media is constantly on our minds (and on our phones), influencers are an increasingly important part of the online world.

With more users and brands turning their attention online, the time has come for companies to upgrade their strategy. From games to new social media platforms, there has been a huge increase in successful influencer contracts. A great example of this is H&M. They partnered with online celebrities and reached 12 million people through only four sponsored videos. 

Now younger generations are online sooner than ever, and these users rely on their online personalities for suggestions on everything. When it comes to the app industry, influencer marketing can help developers reach their goals. How? By increasing the number of downloads, acquire new users and, of course, increase profit within the apps.

In the gaming industry, there was also a restructuring with influencers showing up in platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. We can see it in Among Us, a game that hit records of downloads and in-app purchases in 2020, after being played by streamers like Ninja and PewDiePie. This is a perfect example of a game that was online for more than two years and after reaching out to influencers, it boomed.

As recent studies show, influencer marketing was rated the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating email, paid search, organic search, and others. Whichever the strategy, it’s clear that including influencers is the right way to go. As for the future, we believe the ones who are going to win, are the ones ready for that change!

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