After the instability of TikTok in some countries, despite its incredible success, the time has come for big social media players to join in the battle for the best short-form video platform with new awaited releases. 

Banned from India, in the United States TikTok has survived to live another day (or many more). In the meantime, rival platforms have taken this opportunity to launch new in-app features, making this round a challenging one for the original app.

Instagram | Reels

First Reels: an Instagram feature that came to enforce the app’s goal to be the premiere entertainment platform worldwide. This new feature allows its users to create 30-second videos, and it includes tools for editing, cutting, and adding music (much like TikTok). From our point of view, this launch marks the first round of a battle with the Chinese app.

YouTube | Shorts

Since it seems one competitor isn’t enough, it’s come time for YouTube to join in the fight with Shorts. The most recent in-app development just launched a beta version in India, with features to upload short-form and catchy videos, the possibility to add or record music, a multi-segment camera with speed control, and a timer to easily record hands-free. 

We’ll have to wait and see what happens as these competitors battle it out for the top spot. Will we have one winner, or are they all here for the long haul?

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