When it comes to publishing apps, Android developers may face challenges that can affect their income. Often such struggles depend on the size of the budget, resources they have, the goals of their product… and the list goes on. 

With that in mind, and after speaking with developers who have joined or worked with Catappult, we have gathered some of the diverse difficulties that both indie and top-grossing developers have come across and the solutions for them:


When working with multiple app stores, developers usually need to repeat the applying and integration process in each store individually. This can lead to extra coding, a time-consuming process. Working with app stores or aggregators that do not require a long integration process from the developer’s side could be an option!

“Catappult was the fastest integration process we have seen on any platform and updates are instantaneous.”  

– Jason Wong from Funplus


An app’s monetization model (a.k.a. how they will make money) will define the app’s financial success. However, active participation from users, also known as user retention,— which developers can’t control—, is a huge factor that should be considered in order to increase profit. In this other article, you can read more about monetization techniques.

“User retention is very important. When your focus is to increase your revenue per user, having the highest user attention in an app is a key feature when trying to make an impact in the industry.”

Muhammad Satar, CEO of Infinity Games

How to achieve high user retention? Spend more time perfecting your app to have the coolest and smoothest user experience and then strategically spend your money in marketing it to your target gamer.


There are billions of apps available in the market right now. Increasing an app’s visibility and boosting sales can be quite a challenge with so much competition.

To solve these issues, there are strategies that developers can benefit from, including publishing in third-party app stores outside the mainstream marketplaces.

“We are really excited to discover new platforms like Catappult to try to achieve different markets, different revenues, and have different options to engage with users”  

– Enric Cabestany, General Manager Europe at IGG

There are also certain challenges that are more likely to affect indie developers specifically, such as these:

Money for marketing

There’s no budget which means there’s no marketing. A good value proposition would be to offer some sort of promotional material.

“To find a way to stand out from the rest is difficult. The only way is to spend money on marketing. If you’re a small company or an indie developer, you usually do not have the resources to do this. I think the only way to do it is to open to new markets so that you can earn and profit from various alternative marketplaces”

– Alberto Buendia, Co-Founder at Mobiground

Have you been through any of these situations? Feel free to let us know in the comments along with any other advice you may have for all Android developers out there. 

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