A groundbreaking war strategy game called Clash of Kings was created and released by Elex Tech in 2014. It has become one of the most-played games in various app stores since its introduction. How could a game with over 230 million users and a history of success like Clash of Kings, gain even greater popularity?

Clash of Kings numbers

15% increase in sales

Within the first year following the Catappult integration, Clash of Kings’ revenue increased by 15%. The goal of the close collaboration with developers to produce events and promotions was to boost user spending and encourage new users to make their first purchases.

It’s hard to generate new money for a game like Clash of Kings, which is already well known. With a single integration and a single location to handle several channels, Catappult and its billing system make it simpler to monetize across many marketplaces.

The increase in the number of paying users on Catappult channels did not have an adverse effect on Elex’s Google Play revenue. As a result, Elex’s former revenue stream increased by millions thanks to new, high-quality users.

Clash of Kings downloads

Increase in monthly downloads of 1306%

Compared to Google Play, Catappult produces 13 times as many downloads each month. The developer observes a collapse in their upload statistics as a result of a reduction in organic traffic when they limit user acquisition on Google Play. In this way, Catappult helps developers get consumers by integrating CPI advertisements with partner merchants and international influencers.

Additionally, Clash of Kings has received over 2.6M downloads with Catappult, providing a concrete example of how a classic game can resurface with the alternative app stores distribution approach.

Clash of Kings image

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