There’s always been a general problem: gatekeeping, lack of choice. You, as a developer, had an app or a game and wanted to distribute it to reach users. This meant you were in the hands of Google or Apple. This duopoly of stores would be the ultimate decision-maker of your creation’s fate, your hard work.

Eventually, there were more channels for you to distribute your creation, but it was all so difficult – each store having its own proprietary, time-sucking integration system and its own complex set of monetization rules and promotion hurdles – which in reality were not plausible, workable alternatives.

But what if you could easily work with every app store? What if you could effortlessly call on the collective power of alternative app stores? What if the way forward was an aggregator helping developers seamlessly distribute their apps to various stores and other global channels?

Enter Catappult, an all-in-one platform, where you integrate only once and for all stores. Stores that can provide much higher visibility to developers and their creations, stronger monetization solutions and targeted relevant audiences. 

Catappult is all that a product should be in the Android space: open, innovative, creator-supporting and an answer to a real problem. 

Yes, we know that God – or the Devil – is in the details. These are the details of Catappult’s unique value proposition and why developers choose Catappult.

What is Catappult?

Catappult is an App Distribution Platform where developers publish their apps and games within multiple app stores to be distributed and monetized worldwide.

Why should developers choose Catappult? Catappult developers to app stores.

Where is it available?

Catappult distributes apps and games worldwide within the alternative app stores realm. We have paying users from all around the globe, especially from North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. We process payments from 167+ countries.

Top countries GMV Catappult

What are the payment methods available?

We have global options, such as Credit Cards and Paypal. We also offer local payment methods, such as Paytm, QiWi Wallet, GoPay, Boleto and many more. Plus, we’re constantly expanding to new available methods. 

Why should developers choose Catappult? Global payment methods.

In-app payments can be challenging, but we nailed it – local payments, anti-fraud mechanisms, a single console to manage all transactions, customer support, and instant funds availability. We centralize all the information about multiple stores in a single place. Plus, developers can withdraw their revenue at any time.

A single billing method

We have a highly integrated system within multiple stores. When distributing through Catappult, developers only need to implement a single payment method that is integrated within all our partnering stores. So you don’t need multiple payment methods for different stores.

Why distribute through Catappult?

Catappult not only streamlines all the hurdles developers have to deal with when distributing throughout third-party app stores, but we also boost your apps and games to worldwide markets. We have an immersive marketing strategy that is set to turn your project into a success. All you have to do is create an account and upload a single APK.

What about the revenue share?

Up to 85% of the in-app purchases go to you. We think that developers should get more than the standard 70% revenue split. And it should be immediately available in your account. Attracting millions of new users with zero coding effort, we help Android developers connect with more than 430 million users worldwide through multiple app stores with a fair revenue share.

How do we promote apps and games?

We promote apps and games on alternative app stores and partner stores for developers that distribute through Catappult.

Apps distributed through Catappult are pushed on the partner stores through promotions, advertising, influencer communities, bonuses and loyalty programs. Many CPI campaigns are done for all the Catappult apps distributed on partner stores and OEMs, some still provide additional promotions and display banners for Catappult apps.

Why should developers choose Catappult? App distribution made easy.

A single APK for ALL distributing stores, one billing system and ALL statistics in ONE portal.

Your life without Catappult vs your life with it:

Required step for app distribution with and without Catappult

When distributing through Catappult, only a single APK is needed. We identify each package going to different distribution partners/OEMs by injecting an OEMID parameter to get separated data from every different distribution (e.g. OPPO gets OPPO data and Xiaomi gets Xiaomi distribution data), nothing has to be done by the developer, just upload a single APK onto the Catappult console and let the magic happen.

Manage your distribution with a single account on one dashboard

Developers can manage the distribution of their apps through the Catappult console. To manage the APKs and view distribution data, like downloads and IAP- filtered by the performance of every other OEMs/stores that has been pushed through Catappult.

Quality assurance from the Catappult team

The Catappult team will test apps and games before publishing and help developers QA the apps and resolve issues together. QA testers from Catappult are always testing apps and will work very closely with developers whenever any issues are found.

If you want to learn more visit our website.

In this emerging reality of an increasingly open market, and with Catappult’s vision and tools, creators finally flourish. Now you have the best of two worlds. You control your own distribution. And you have frictionless, immediate, profitable access to the global market’s blue ocean, via alternative app stores.

Think of Catappult as the universal key to your future. A future of – in both senses – “Let’s play together”.

*Updated on December 29th, 2022.

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